Z Conveyors

Z Conveyors

Making magic

Product Description

When space is limited and getting vertical is required, Friesen’s Z Conveyors can get the job done in a robust and simple approach. Whether flighted or paddle belts are utilized, the design can be safe and efficient in a manner that is easy to clean. Originally designed to feed multi head scales, the applications have evolved and can be used in confectionary, nutraceuticals, as well as for rework. The standard Friesen’s build philosophy applies here as we focus on robust, hygienic, and toolless design, exceeding AMI Sanitary Design Requirements.


Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Hygienic Design

UHMW Side Overlaps

Toolless Maintenance

Customization Available

Optional Drip Pans

Various Belts Available

Optional Cage Guarding