Anti-Bridging Auger

Anti Bridging Auger

Innovative Designs for the Future

Product Description

Friesen’s Anti-Bridging Augers are available with a host of custom options offering various sizes to cryogenic solutions. The value is the ability to accumulate and agitate products prior to conveying to the next operation. Customers now have the ability to control the speeds of the horizontal cross auger and the incline/vertical auger to allow for future product scope changes and/or multiple, yet diverse sku’s. The flexibility of Friesen’s design can allow a diverse range of product specifications and types.


  • Nitrogen and CO2 Available
  • Optional CIP Systems Available
  • Balanced for Reduced Horsepower
  • Central Exhaust System Available
  • Solid or Hollow Shafts
  • Custom Sizes and Rates
  • Ground and Polished