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Sorting Systems

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When it comes to understanding Friesen’s core competencies, it’s hard to limit the options as Friesen’s has experience in so many different applications. But, if you walk our production floor, you’ll see several systems in assembly for sorting systems. In some way, sorting systems find their way into many of Friesen’s other core competencies.

Sorting Capabilities

Sorting SystemsWe often tout our experience in bacon systems and how we have been able to execute hundreds if not, thousands of bacon applications. Of those, many are sorting systems. Let’s take bacon slicing and sorting the bacon drafts to each side of the packaging machine, but also being able to sort to multiple rework stations. This is high-speed sorting with a delicate product. But also in bacon, Friesen’s can sort bellies by chemical lean, fat content, weight, and even vision.

Another large category for Friesen’s is inspection analysis. In this case, Friesen’s can partner with industry leaders in metal detection, X Ray, Vision, Spectroscopy, and/or Chemical Lean to sort acceptable product from product in need of rework. In some cases, Friesen’s has integrated sorting systems that include up to 4 different inspection devices for a total line solution. Oftentimes, in bulk inspection, sorting good product can be integral to food safety while simultaneously limiting liability.

5 Station Sorting SystemThanks to Friesen’s controls group, trim management and trim blending systems have become one of the fastest-growing system solutions available to our valued customers and prospects. These systems take meat trim and sort lean points into combos or boxes at unbelievable speeds and accuracy. The technological advantage includes a proven algorithm that can sort the trim meat into combos of various lean points with examples such as 50% lean / 85% lean / and even upwards of 98% lean. The custom designs can include accumulation points for even product flow while integrating foreign material inspection; however, the real ROI is in the automation of the process while increasing accuracy.

These examples are but a few of the system solutions offered by Friesen’s; however, the experience in applications is endless. These include, but are not limited to seafood, fish, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, produce, nutraceuticals, dairy, bakery, and snack foods.