Shuttle Conveyors

Shuttle Conveyors

Smart transfers

Product Description

Friesen’s built shuttle conveyors are designed to strategically place products via the actions relative to a “magic carpet”. This system lends itself well to autoloading racks, packaging machines, and tight 90 degree turns when material handling requires spacing and precision without affecting the integrity of the product. When used in tandem, a pair of shuttle conveyors can build arrays and patterns for downstream processing with a single lane depositing into multiple lanes. This automation is simple, yet effective, in a safe and simple manner. These conveyors are also known as reciprocating conveyors as the technology also lends itself to one of the primary approaches to product rejection in a various selection of foreign material inspection and other inputs for rejection.


Variable Indexing / Retract Speeds

End Rollers with Small Diameters

Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Hygienic Design

UHMW Side Overlaps

Toolless Maintenance

Customization Available

Optional Drip Pans

Various Belts Available

Optional Cage Guarding

User-Friendly Custom HMI