Pet Food

Pet Food

Industry-leading durability and hygienic design

Fast Approach to Food Safety

Ever notice how your pet food packaging is more expensive than human retail packaging? We love our pets and their food has to be the same level of food safety as our own. This industry is a relatively large portion of our business with several custom system solutions already executed.

High quality pet food processing systems


Vertical Auger

Cryogenic Auger

Horizontal Auger

Incline Auger

Anti Bridging Auger

Pivoting Auger

Plastic Modular Conveyor

Z Conveyor

Vertical Conveyor

Flattening Conveyor

Troughing Conveyor

Reject Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

Shuttle Conveyor

Merging Conveyor

Flip Over Conveyor

Radius & Turn-Curve Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor

Lift Bridge Conveyor

Slat Diverters

ARB Technologies

Multi-Lane Scales

Case Weighing

Check Weighers

Weight Analysis

High-Rise Dumper

Side-Load Dumper

Pallet Retract Dumper

Column Dumper

Sanitation Tilt Dumper

Custom Dumpers

Vacuum Hopper

Incline Hopper

Single / Double Outlet Hopper

Screw Out-Feed Hopper



Multi-Head Scale Systems

Catwalks & Access Platforms

Mobile Access Stairs / Platforms

Adjustable Workstations

Adjustable Operator Stands

Large Mezzanines & Work Decks

Wash Tanks


Rack Loading

Specialty Equipment


Systems Integration

Foreign Material Inspection

Bulk Product Inspection

Multi-Head Scale Systems

Case Packing & Palletizing

Empty Box Handling

Primary Packing Solutions

WPL & Labeling


Cafe Stools

Desktop / Stand Sanitizers

Hygienic Dividers

Custom Design



System Controls


Light Weight Belting



Factory Acceptance Testing