Primary Packing Solutions

Primary Packing Solutions

It’s not a product until it’s packaged

Product Description

At its peak, hygienic design is most important at the time of primary packaging. This is where Friesen’s shines. Sanitation and hygiene are at the forefront of our build philosophy. Whether feeding packaging machines or feeding from packaging machines, Friesen’s core competencies are designing for optimum food safety.

For feeding thermo-formers, example custom solutions would be camel back conveyors, triple tracks, slat diverters, rework stations, converging, diverging, shuttle loaders, robotic loading, needle nose conveyors, and turning conveyors. For vacuum chamber machines, discussions usually are presented with product handling, staging conveyors, and various merging conveyors. The applications extend to bottling, vertical bagging, tray sealers, blister packs, and overwrap machines, to name a few. The experience of our controls and mechanical engineers will guide your new project to success by delivering innovative space-saving and superior hygienic solutions.


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