Custom Dumpers

Custom Dumpers

Custom designed Tote and Vat dumping systems – when standard will not do

Flexible in Design and Capacity

Friesen’s can outfit your process with Cart, Combo, and Vat Dumpers designed to fit your space and process flow. We offer multiple dump heights ranging from 48” to 120”, and higher if needed, the only limit is your ceiling height. Lift capacities vary and can be rated as high as 7,500 pounds. Front-load, end load, and sideload are all options. Friesen’s incorporates Safety guarding into all its systems and can also provide dump chutes, tables, and transitions for ease of installing and matching to your existing processes.


  1. Hydraulic and Pneumatic options are available for operation.
  2. Hydraulic Powerpacks are available and matched to the size and load requirements.
  3. Stainless Steel Cylinders are available on all Models.
    a. Stainless Steel cylinders are recommended.
  4. We can dump to most any height.
  5. All pivot dump designs can be customized to needed specs.
  6. All high-rise designs can be customized to needed specs.
  7. All Two Stage designs can be customized to needed specs.