Bulk Product Inspection

Bulk Product Inspection

Integrating Metal Detection, X-Ray, Vision, and Manual Inspection in 1 System

Product Description

Bulk Product Inspection is a growing trend for inspecting incoming materials for further processing. No one inspection unit can inspect it all, creating a new need for bulk inspection systems.

Many further processing facilities bring meat trim in bulk trailer loads. The risk is not knowing if your incoming product is free from foreign materials. Processing product that is not free from foreign materials can be expensive and waste thousands of pounds of meat, time and money.

Friesen’s has emerged as a leader in the industry for integrating systems that utilize your favorite partners in inspection. For vision systems, you can find and reject materials such as gloves, corrugate, and labels. Metal detection can find buckshot, bolts, and barb wire, amongst other metals. With X-Ray, technology allows the ability to find bones and other materials regarding density, as well as chemical lean and fat analysis.

Lastly, the reject from these three inspection systems can be consolidated into one manual inspection work station for rework and further analysis, before being conveyed back to the start of the line to be reintroduced to the process.

The return on investment for this process can be staggering. For example, if a particular foreign material is found prior to further processing, the product can be reloaded into the truck and sent back to the supplier.

Friesen’s in-house controls, in-house engineering, 3D modeling, and simulations, as well as free FAT’s can help guide your business to a customized, yet profitable solution.


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