Light Weight Belting

Light Weight Belting

Belting Supply and Field Service

Belting for All Industries

Friesen’s belting division can build custom belting to fit your manufacturing needs. We custom build belts for all types of Industries from Food handling, Agriculture, Canning, Printing, and Package handling. We offer a wide range of belting types with different surfaces and compounds that will fit most conveying situations.

We have a mobile team that can repair, splice, slitting, lacing cleating, timing belts, pulley lagging right at your factory.

  • Modular Belting - all types
  • Thermo Plastic Belting
  • Teflon Belting
  • Hose, Air, Water
  • Sheet Rubber - Solid and Sponge
  • UHMW - Sheet, Rod, Tubing
  • Urethane - Sheet, Tubing