Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Spiraling into control

Product Description

Spiral Conveyors have been around for a very long time; however, the newest innovation is a truly hygienic solution to spiral conveyors. A spiral conveyor lends itself well to conveying products up or down in a careful, consistent, and continuous manner, while optionally accumulating products for downstream equipment. Utilizing “Side Drive Technology”, Friesen’s has innovated a design that lends itself to a new approach to hygienic design and maintenance access. With the drives of the belt vertically mounted to the spirals, we can increase access to the drives and gears for maintenance as well as provide a truly open design for sanitation. The payback comes in improved food safety, accumulation to maximize downstream efficiencies, greater uptime, and Friesen’s proven success in heavy-duty design.


Innovative Hygienic Design

Accumulation for Downstream Equipment

Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Hygienic Design

UHMW Side Overlaps

Toolless Maintenance

Customization Available

Optional Drip Pans

Optional Cage Guarding

User-Friendly Custom HMI