Check Weighing

Check Weighing

Precision In Motion

Product Description

Friesen’s check weighers are built from solid stainless steel and are NTEP certified to +/- 1 gram while executing at top speeds. This is nearly 4x more accurate than NTEP certification for minimal giveaway and maximum yield. The value is in the washdown design and extensive custom controls options that can tie into labeling and real-time data download as well as feedback to upstream components such as stuffers, multi-head scales, slicers, and endless other equipment. The design of the equipment is built on four pillars including accuracy, dependability, sanitary design, and ease of operation.


High-Speed Accurate Weighing

Custom System Controls and Feedback


NTEP Certified +/- 1 gram

Custom Footprint for Endless Applications

High Throughput, Small Space

Hygienic Design with Solid Stainless Steel

Integration MES / API / OPC

Can Integrate with Labelling

Small and Large Weigh Decks Available