Weight Analysis

Weight Analysis

Line Efficiency Through Custom Controls

Product Description

The true value of a checkweigher / scale is the brains of the controlling system. Friesen’s open platform software is easy to use providing analytical data to offer the ability to find trends and key performance indicators that can be used to maximize the efficiency of your equipment, both upstream and downstream. In addition, Friesen’s in-house controls provide a user-friendly system to manage maintenance procedures and real-time checks. This will make the scale easy to use, maintain, and provide reliable long term performance.

Integration is also an integral advantage to Friesen’s controls that can be utilized for MES integration, OPC communication, as well as standard API communication. The information available for this integration includes data collection via Ethernet/Serial RS485 communication protocols, SQL, HTML, and CSV.

With the technologies included in the weight analysis platform, customers see increased yield performance via overall equipment efficiency for the entire line. Also, up times are improved with the maintenance support program with predictive maintenance that will support additional uptime and optimized performance. The speed and accuracy contribute to less giveaway as attributed to both net weight and catchweight performances.


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