Foreign Material Inspection

Foreign Material Inspection

Integrating for Efficiency

Product Description

The value in integrating your foreign material inspection, whether its metal detection, X-Ray, Vision, other, or all, is gaining efficiency in a variety of ways. Many of our key accounts utilize Friesen’s conveyors and reject devices for our heavy-duty hygienic design that surpasses many OEM specifications. The opportunities for custom project rejection are nearly endless. To name a few, we offer nose retracts, tail retracts, blow off devices, push arm, swing arm, pivoting arm up or down, shuttle, and drop chutes. Engineering and Designing with foreign material inspection units is a core competency for Friesen’s. The return on investment includes equipment efficiency via a reduction in drives, fewer transfers to reduce the product hitting the ground, and easier sanitation with an integrated system with adjacent conveyors/parts of the system.


Efficiencies Gained by Sharing Drives

Less Product Loss with Less Transfers

Variety of Rejection Technologies

Custom Integration to Maximize Floorspace

Heavy-Duty Hygienic Construction