Merging Conveyors

Merging Conveyors

Experience in converging

Product Description

Friesen’s build philosophy for merging conveyors is simple. Simple being the keyword. This solution is used to arrange products flowing from multiple infeed conveyor lines into less or even a single lane. At high rates of speed, merging can be more complicated than some might think. We have partnered with the best motor suppliers for the right selection for your operation to minimize the cost of ownership and maximize output in a simple yet safe approach. The return on investment is often to maximize the efficiency and output of downstream equipment, avoiding the need for redundant and/or underutilized capital expenditures.


Variable Indexing / Tracks / Speeds

Unique Technologies to Merging

Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Hygienic Design

Toolless Maintenance

Customization Available

Optional Drip Pans

Various Belts Available

Optional Cage Guarding

User-Friendly Custom HMI