Radius & Turn-Curve Conveyors

Radius & Turn-Curve Conveyors

Heavy-duty tight turns

Product Description

In almost all projects, space constraints are the biggest challenge. Understanding the custom engineering options can greatly help achieve an economical and low-cost solution to successfully executing a project. As one of Friesen’s core competencies, we will work to avoid costly space-saving technologies and explore our tried and true experiences to a simple solution, often avoiding more complex solutions such as robotics and in extreme cases, brick and mortar projects. The return on investment exists in presenting a capital expenditure project with a lower initial cost and overall cost of ownership.


Custom Turning Technologies

Experience in Line Layouts

Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Hygienic Design

UHMW Side Overlaps

Toolless Maintenance

Customization Available

Optional Drip Pans

Various Belts Available

Optional Cage Guarding

User-Friendly Custom HMI