Sanitation Tilt Dumpers

Sanitation Tilt Dumpers

Reducing Sanitation Time While Improving Cleaning Efficacy

Hygienic Design and Simple Operation

Friesen’s Tilt dumpers are the perfect solution for aiding in the cleaning and sanitizing of Large Stainless and plastic vats, Stainless steel carts and other rigid totes. Our designs can minimize floor space requirements compared to large flow through systems. We can customize the layout and loading direction to fit your needs.

Models and Specifications

  1. Hydraulic and Pneumatic options are available for operation.
  2. Hydraulic Powerpacks are available and matched to the size requirements.
  3. Stainless Steel Cylinders are available on all Models.
    a. Stainless Steel cylinders are recommended.
  4. Single, Double, or Triple load units are available depending on tote size and type.
  5. Portable units with Lock-down feet are available, depending on the Size of totes to be used.
  6. Units are available for fitting both Large Stainless Vats and V-Mag Carts in the same tilt assembly for low volume operations.