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Bacon Systems

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Friesen’s offers a wide variety of products in bacon systems ranging from belly slab transport conveyors to package pack-off / boxing conveyors.

Our systems include the following

Belly Roller

Friesen’s-built belly roller systems include our belly roller and belly docking on leading and trailing ends of the belly all of which provide opportunities to improve yield performance to the product in belly slicing and packaging.

Belly and Brisket Splitter

Friesen’s custom-designed size reduction equipment allows for new processes and products that are not offered off the shelf.  We can accommodate most any type and size of product while adhering to stringent Safety guarding standards, as well as hygienic designs in all of our custom systems.

Divert Conveyor

Friesen’s divert conveyor provides an opportunity to transport up to 94 bacon drafts per minute in sizes of 12 or 16-ounce drafts without disturbing draft integrity. In addition, our divert conveyor system will divide the portions equally to the operator side and non-operator side of all packaging machines while recognizing any signal from belly slicing equipment when off weight packages require being diverted to a product make weight station and reentered int the product accept stream.

Product transfer Conveyors prior to packaging

Conveying retail or food service bacon drafts to all brands of packaging machines Friesen’s has the ability to deliver product straight up and over the forming station or to the operator and non-operator sides to pocket filler while turning the package in a direction that improves the pocket filler ergonomic position when moving the draft from transport conveyor to formed pocket.

Product transfer conveyors after packaging

Friesen’s has many proven designs capturing packages being discharged from all brands of packaging machines transporting and turning packages in any direction to our ergonomic pack -off / boxing stations. All our conveyor designs in this category are built for RTE room specifications with an emphasis on food safety and extreme sanitation criteria.

Combo & Vat Pivot Dumpers

Friesen’s built combo tilters, vat pivot dumpers, and high rise dumpers are all designed by Friesen’s professionals that have been designing hydraulic systems for 30+ years. Friesen’s dumpers are available in multiple styles including multiple tilt options, custom heights, pallet retention breakaway systems, purge collection systems, and state of the art safety barriers.