Side-Load Dumpers

Side-Load Dumpers

Accessibility from the Side

Product Description

Friesen's engineers can design your custom side load dumper to dump from either side, left to right, or right to left. In addition, the design incorporates the types of materials, product rates, and height that are required from your project. With a robust approach, these dumpers are built to be sanitary while handling various payloads. Employee safety is top of mind utilizing a simple safety system with both a visual and sound alarm. The versatility accommodates all types of products like totes, cardboard combos, metal vats, plastic totes, and many more. For our customers, these features deliver employee safety, higher yields, food safety, and higher production.


Purge Collection

Left to Right or Right to Left

Hydraulic and Electric Options

Custom Safety Options

Pallet Retract to Reduce Foreign Material

Various Weight Loads Available

Hygienic Stainless Steel Design