Large Mezzanines & Work Decks

Large Mezzanines & Work Decks

Multiplied Throughput, Same Floor Space

Product Description

The easiest way to double production in the same floor space is simply to look up. There are many facilities that have very high ceilings and this volume is expensive to maintain temperature. For nearly the same cost in utilities, added throughput and revenues can be achieved by going vertical. Mezzanines can add additional work areas to your production floor that can double or even triple output. Hygienic design continues as a focal point for mezzanines with an open channel and zero flat surfaces design. In short, mezzanines can contribute to increased revenue, increased throughput, and lower operating costs via utility and efficiency savings.


Increased Production

Increased Revenue

Lower Operating Costs

Engineered for Hygiene

Employee Access

Employee Safety

Engineered in 3D

Stainless Steel Construction

Hygienic Design

Food Safety