Trim Management

Trim Management

Fat Lean Analysis Sorting Systems

The technology for analyzing meat and other products for fat lean, chemical lean, and density has existed for a while; however, the real innovation is a complete sorting system that can take that data to build combos. The Friesen’s system can do just that.

To begin, take full combos of meat, meter it to an adequate size, and send it through the system for analysis. There are infinite options that could allow fat to lean upgrades for the downstream combos. This system also weighs the meat to prepare it for combo building. With options for continuous or intermittent mode, the technology exists to build the clumps with various technologies so the Friesen’s sorting system can effectively distribute the products into different categories. Most often utilized in meat trim, an example of a lean point might be 95/5 or 80/20, and there could be infinite bins for combo building.


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Accumulation and Metering of Product

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Complete Trim Sorting with Combo Building

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