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FOOD & DRINK MAGAZINE Posted on: Mar 19, 2013

Avenues of Success

A longtime veteran of the food industry, Schanzer’s previous experience includes Kraft Foods, Global Fresh Goods, ConAgra Foods Inc. and Fresh Express. He joined Plumrose in 2009.

He praises the company’s management team, including COO Mike Rozzano, CFO Terry Woods, SVP of Sales Dave Forte and Senior Vice President Dave Jones. “I worked with [Woods] back at ConAgra,” Schanzer says. “He has really done a good job putting disciplined procedures in place.” 

Schanzer also praises the work of its supplier, Friesen’s Inc., which serves the food processing, packaging and manufacturing industries. “They make excellent equipment and provide very good customer service,” he says. “[Friesen’s is] one of the top vendors we deal with.”

Plumrose has enjoyed organic growth recently. “That will continue to occur,” he says, noting that it is also looking at acquiring other firms, if they fit well. However, “Organic growth is most likely our best avenue for success,” he says, explaining that it involves investing in people and in the best equipment to deliver the best products. “That’s critical for us to be successful.”


Client testimonial

"Friesen's wash-down stainless steel equipment was custom designed to meet our needs. The equipment was designed for quality, safety, ergonomics, and environmentally wash-down safe for our raw products. The tooless and quick release belting allows us to be efficient saving time and money"
- Kenny , KLN Enterprise