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We have been providing design, fabrication, parts and service solutions to the Food Processing, Packaging and Manufacturing industries since 1939.

Friesen’s Inc. was started in 1939 by Albert Friesen. His vision was to provide machining and welding services to the local area Farmers.  He was the “Einstein” to most of the local farmers, if it could not be bought off the shelf or there wasn’t a machine to the job Albert could design and build something to solve the problem.  The machine shop grew in demand building and fixing equipment. As the area grew and Fur farming became popular he invented the Mink Feeder and emulsion gear pumps.  This increased feeding times and allowed ranchers to increase their number of animals in production. 

In 1978 his son Paul Friesen took over the company and the legend continued.  He continued to manufacture the specialty feed equipment in mass production and added more production equipment. The fur farming slowed down and the farming business grew. As agriculture slowed and equipment manufacturing had less demand Paul began to move towards manufacturing special industrial equipment.

In 1990 the 3rd generation took over the company, Brett Friesen. During the transition of the company Brett moved the company into a different direction. Having the ability like his fore fathers for design and development he moved into wash-down manufacturing processing equipment.  Brett brought in a partner brother Dan Friesen to lead the Hydraulics division and manage the production floor.  The knowledge grew and the demand for customized equipment in the food industry took off. With regulations increasing and client projects growing Friesen’s outgrew the original building quickly. In 2001 they built a 70,000sq ft. facility and increased engineering by two folds. Friesen’s now designs and builds specialty processing equipment for all manufacturing types. Whether it is a sanitary environment or large transport they build with smart engineering and dedicated workmanship. Friesen’s will address your manufacturing and packaging needs in the areas of stainless steel design, agricultural, hydraulic, fabrication, installation, and specialty systems integration.

Providing design focused on attention to detail, we address any and all requirements to be met in our client's manufacturing process, every step of the way.

Client testimonial

"Friesen's wash-down stainless steel equipment was custom designed to meet our needs. The equipment was designed for quality, safety, ergonomics, and environmentally wash-down safe for our raw products. The tooless and quick release belting allows us to be efficient saving time and money"
- Kenny , KLN Enterprise

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